Caffe Mikes.
The Coffee Shop At Mike's Pastry You will notice as you enter Mike's, that our front lobby is basically a cafe. Here you can sit and enjoy table service, along with any of your selection of Mike's goodies along with an espresso, a caffe latte, capuccino or just a simple cup of tea.

The room seats 50 people comfortably, so you don't need to worry about waiting, but expect lots of company, as the store bustles from open to close with our daily clientele. That's the part of the fun and unique charm of an Italian coffee shop!

Let us serve you your favorite Mike's snack and your beverage. Be seen in public, write letters to friends, sit and think pensively as people wonder what's on your mind, read a paper, but most of all, enjoy our delicious desserts with the beverages that they were meant to be enjoyed.

More about Caffe Mikes coming soon....

Beverage Offerings from our Caffe Menu:
  • Caffe Espresso - Classic, dark, rich and strong Italian favorite.
  • Cappuccino -espresso coffee with dark chocoloate, topped with foamed milk and cinnamon and chocolate sprinkles
  • Cafe Latte - basically a big, steamy cup of hot milk with a touch of espresso coffee
  • Cafe Mocha - a hot coffee/hot chocolate combination
  • Cafe Americano - a hot coffee/hot chocolate combination
  • American Coffee - a different blend every day, traditional "coffee of the day"
    Also available at Mike's:
  • Espresso, Macchiato - espresso "stained" with a touch of steamed milk
  • Hot Chocolate - a traditional favorite that is exactly what it says.
  • Tea- an incredibly wide assortment, including mint, chamomile, jasmine, fruit spice, lemon, cranberry, apple, and other English Breakfast Tea selection