Rum Cakes (pictured left, the Rum Savoia).

Rum cakes come in many shapes and forms. Pictured here is one of more that might be more recognizable to Tourists, but also popular is the "mushroom" shaped Baba Rum. This is a classic Italian example of simplicity, or "less is more". Completely soft, plain, rum-soaked and sweet, you could pinch the Baba Rum between two fingers and they would quickly meet.

The plain version is well-known to Italians, though many find these more elaborately decorated ones more attractive. Like the Anisette Biscotto, the Baba Rum is one of those simple and uncomplicated Italian pleasures. It is the root from which all variations are derived.

Rum Pastries

  • Rum Square
  • Rum Baba
  • Cream Baba
  • Nut Savoia
  • Jimmy Savoia
  • Nut Log
  • Jimmy Log
  • Parigini
  • Neopolitan